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Art in coffee Art in coffee
 Art in coffee  
Painting and literature. Coffee has been a source of great inspiration for many painters. They were able to find amongst the tables of many famous cafés, individual characteristics of a reality which they wanted to portray , each painter in their own way. Sceneries, people, a beautiful world, realities typical of those periods, or, on the contrary, revelations of the human condition, independent from the historical context which they belonged to. All this ended up onto the canvases of great artists, not only of the western world.
One of the first rappresentations of coffee, infact, is an ottoman miniature of the XVI century , when Istanbul was full of KAHVEHAN public cafés. Then when the grains  arrived in the ports of most of Europe was a follow up, more or less of original scenes of cafés now portrayed by venetian painters in the XVIII century , now by Giradet and van Gogh, and in more recent times Morandi and Hopper.
The painters of all ages, drew the atmosphere  of those public cafés, the faces and those placid chats amongst noble women or those amongst men.
If this variegated world shook the creativity of those artists, it could not but influence and inspire poets, writers and men of literature.
These people found in the aroma and flavour of these beverages, principal inspiration, contradiction and incentives in favour  of their arguments,from the famous Honorè de Balzac who spoke of the  petite noir in his stories, Eugenie Grandet and Ursule Mirouet.
In many stories coffee is a background element more than protagonist , as a contextual reference of a precise moment  of the day, a rapid gesture which has become routine or to describe a normal or strange situation.
In literature, coffee maintains it's value as a stimulating beverage, source of relief to face the day or to grant oneself a pleasant break.
We remember two famous Italian men Pietro Verri and Goldoni.
The first was the founder of the magazine “Il Caffè” which was the principal organ of the diffusion of enlightening ideas.
The introductory article of the first number of the periodical (Milan) spoke of coffee: the botanical trading.
Verri unites historical, geographic and medical notes, indicating the best species.
The second, A Great Venetian playwright, was the writer of “La Bottega del caffè”  in which behavior is represented from the living reality of a Venetian Piazza, typical style of the eighteenth reform implemented by himself.
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