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Between myth and reality Between myth and reality
 Between myth and reality  
Not many products are so permeate of mystery and legend as that of coffee.. To bring to ones lips a cup of steaming coffee is of common taste in most of the world, but few have questioned the origin of the beverage, it’s history , it’s legend....
The Bible reads that King David used to bring as a gift of reconciliation “roasted cherries”in other words coffee grains.
Also Helen, in the Greek legend, it is told that she would add to the wine that Menelaus would drink at his table, also a bitter beverage of coffee in order to dry the tears of some unfortunate guest.
Probably belonging to a legend the story occurred about 800 DC, when in the monastery of CHAHODET  in Yemen, one of the monks, having heard that a shepherd who came by the name of KALDI, that his sheep were kept vivacious and vital also during the night, when they ate certain berries. He, prepared with these berries a beverage with the intention to stay awake as long as possible while praying.
Another legend is told that the Archangel Gabriel had offered to Maometto / Muhammad , by order of Allah, a steaming black beverage to avoid  the prophet fall asleep. And always the legend tells that the effect that beverage had , was so strong that the prophet was able to unsaddle 40 me and make happy 40 women.
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We have coffee machines for bars, restaurants and pubs, which we distribute on a free loan basis.
  Coffee Blends
We have hot and cold drink dispensers, snack dispensers and of course coffee machines for bars /pubs.
Try the extraordinary blends of our coffee, both for automatic dispensers and coffee pod machines,the best coffee grains for bars,restaurants and pubs.
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