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How to prepare a real Italian coffee.

1-use fresh water.
2-do not use warm water.
3-check that the water in the moka machine does not exceed the pressure valve.
4-fill the filter with coffee, but do not press the coffee blend. Make sure there are no lumps.
5-keep the flame low.
6-turn off the flame as soon as the moka starts to gurgle. Excessive heat would make the coffee boil, giving it a burnt flavour.
7-Mix the coffee with a small spoon as soon as it come up. it's the best way to inhale and enjoy the aroma.
8-drink the coffee as soon as it's ready, it's the best way to enjoy the aroma and the flavour.
If you wish to conserve the coffee, avoid metal containers and prefer glass or ceramic ones.
9-when you're drinking your coffee keep in mind a few of the “tasting secrets”.
There are 2 schools of thought on how to savor the real flavour of a good cup of coffee.
The Neapolitan school claims that you should drink a glass  of water BEFORE your coffee, thus rinsing your mouth in order to fully enjoy the  flavour and aroma. The Sicilian school, instead, claims that it is better to drink a glass of water AFTER your coffee, thus taking away the slightly sour taste that the coffee leaves in your mouth.
10-after using your moka it is best to rinse it thoroughly with warm water, without using any kind of detergent.
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